Rome weather

When you travel is important to know weather condition and to be always update you can 
simply check on il meteo  to be informed on the weather in Italy. If you want to have general
information of the weather during the different season then follow us with our
Italy weather 
to plan better your trip. 

Italy Weather

Weather Italy January - February are generally the coldest month. The temperature are different depending on  the region the north part of Italy is coldest the the central and south part of Italy.
 North part of Italy: temperature between 3° to 12° c.
 Central part of Italy: temperature between 5° to 15° c.
 South part of Italy: temperature between 7° to 15°c.
 The  good news is that the winter is short and even if you may need a heavy jacket to wear you will  be touring in a very easy way.  Museums are not busy as on the other months. In the shops after  Christmas and New Year's holiday you can find sales on the shops. The cost of hotels and tour guide  is cheapest.
 Don't wait book your holiday and discover the beauty of Italy.

 March - April are the moth leading into the spring season. The temperature is nice but  the weather  in Italy can be variable and crazy as the Italian say.
 It is very pleasant to visit Italy in these months. April 2014 will be a little different then the others  month for Rome because the 27 th April 2014 in Rome there will be the Canonization of Jouhn  Paul  the II and of Giovanni XIII. Because of the presence of many pilgrims in the city book on  time your staying in Rome. 

 May - June the temperature rase a lot, between 25° - 28°c. 
 The city comes alive and its really fun to tour around and to live the Roman night life

 July - August Full summer season where the temperature can arrive between 30° to 34° 
 The city is reach of open area for dancing, drinking and eating. 
 Most of the romans are on holiday and the traffic is much better than in the winter months. 
                                                                              September - October the weather in Italy is with temperature that go between 20 - 27 ° c. 
                                                                                                        Is the best period to visit the city because of the pleasant light breeze of the wind. For this reason th city are busier. Are the 2 busiest months for the truistic season. 

November - December
the winter arrives, the tamperatures dropp off but the city dress up with her best dress, Christmas decorations. 


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