If you want to know just out of curiosity the best Italian food then you can follow our reportage
in Food in Italy. We created a very small guide for the best Italian plate not to miss when
traveling in Italy

People from allover the world know how good is the Italian food and we are going to 
tell you region by region the best you can try. Don't forget this Food in Italy small guide 
when you travel in Italy.
VENICE FOOD: venice cuisine is based on seafood. Crab, soft-shell crab and cuttlefish together 
with fried sardines or baccalà. Very delicious is the sea-food carpaccio, or cuttlefish-ink pasta with 
scampi and spinach. If you want to try a local pasta then you have to ask for bigoli is a strictly
local pasta usually served with nero di seppia ( squid-ink sauce). A classical main course is pasta 
and fagioli ( thick bean supo with pasta ). You can also have typical from Venice the deep -fried 
vegetables. For the dessert ask for a tiramisù, even if is originated on the mainland, tiramisù is 
Venice favorite dessert. 
FLORENCE FOOD: The typical course in Florence is la Ribollita ( a vegetable and bean soup 
thickened  with bread and topped with extra- virgin oil of oil ). The Antipasto has to start with 
crostini  (grilled bread spread with various savory toppings) or start with prosciutto crudo and
cheese. Naturally once in Florence you cannot miss having the bistecca alls Fiorentina, for which
Florence in known all over the world. The bistecca is a thick slab of local Chianina beef, seasoned 
with olive oil, salt and pepper. You are in Tuscany so … the Tuscany Wine is a Must. 

ROME FOOD:  When traveling in Italy forget about the diet and enjoy the typical food. 

In Rome you can try the pasta in many way. Pasta aio e oio ( garlic, oil and pepper ), Pasta alla 

carbonara (cream, eggs, cheese and pepper ) or La pajata ( milk -fed calf's intestines, with pancetta, 

onion and pecorino cheese). Try the typical Roman artichoke, deep fried or simmered in olive oil with 

garlic and mint. 

For dessert naturally Gelato. There is a very famous place in rome for gelato is Giolitti, via deli Uffici 

del Vicario, 40. 

NAPLES FOOD:  This region is very famous for San Marzano tomatoes, frutti di mare, and mozzarella 

di bufala. You can try the Ravioli Capresi ( caciotta caprese, a cheese from Capri, parmigiano and eggs). 

Keep your stomac free for a Pizza experience. For dessert Sfogliatelle  or Babà. Don't ask yourself what 

they are simply try and you will be grateful to have been following this Italian food small guide. 

SICILY FOOD:  Sicilian cusine is one of the oldest in existence. The cuisine combines fish, fruits, 

vegetables, nuts with Italian pasta and Arab and North African ingredients. 

Pasta con le sarde: fresh sardines. olive oil, pine nuts and wild fennel.

Pesce Spada: ( swordfish )best enjoyed marinated or smoked. 

Spaghetti alla Norma: tomato sauce, fried eggplant, ricotta and basil.

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